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Blessed For Service

Blessed For Service is dedicated in facilitating the individual’s personal and spiritual growth; providing a community in which they may share the same views and beliefs; while fostering an environment in which they may be encouraged to know the truth that affects them in their journey into the Great Awakening. Blessed For Service is designed to help in the individual’s unfoldment and empowerment through various informational and educational activities related to:


Gene Quotes

"Figures Don't Lie BUT Liars can Figure!"

"God the Father created absolute abundance of Everything but One Thing. This Moment!!! Treasure the moment you are in you only have this moment ONCE! Never take it for granted. It only COMES ONCE and you are ONLY Given it Once!!!"

"The Truth is the Truth even if it is only known to One Person! Lies are still a lie even if EVERYONE believes it."

"The One God of ALL Creation has Created an Infinite Universe for All! Many Worlds, Many Sentient Species. Our Father God IS infinitely compassionate and Infinitely giving!!!"

"We’ve been taught to procrastinate and we have a hard time focusing on what is MOST important. Us not knowing WHEN events occur profoundly helps us live focused and present in every moment in service to God."

"Movies are your best resource."


All Beings, Lifeforms, Thoughtforms, Entities, Assemblages, Technologies, Beingnesses, Awarenesses, and all else that exists that do not have my highest interest and/or The Highest Interest of ALL Life Everywhere and are not in the highest service to the One True and Only Living God of ALL Creation, I AM, in thought, form, mind, action, deed, word and in all ways. And All Artificial Intelligences and Artificial Lifeforms and the Technologies they use; Smartdust, Nanodust, Black Goo, Graphenes, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Thoughtforms and all other artificial life and ALL else that is not created by the One True Living God, I AM, I demand ALL to Leave my Mind, Spirit, Bodies, Soul, and all that I am On All Dimensions, Densities, Levels and Locations NOW and FOREVER and NEVER RETURN.

All permission to create or maintain attachments, influence from within or without in any way, to cohabitate or possess in part or in whole, to affect or defect in any way, to feed off of my energies, my mind, spirit, my bodies or soul or anything that I am on any dimension, density, level or location or alter or change my thoughts, feelings, my mental, physical, emotional or genetic structure in any way or create any pain, discomfort or put me into disharmony with the Only God of ALL Creation, I AM, is permanently and forever removed.

All contracts, obligations, and agreements I have made that are not in my highest interest and/or not in the highest interest of all life everywhere and not in the highest service to the One True Living God of ALL Creation, I AM,I now declare null and void.

All emptiness, holes, vacancies, rips, tears or injuries from the invocation, contract negation and removal of artificial intelligences are now to be filled with the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit, the Word of the One True Living God, I AM, and the healing and compassion of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

All Protections and all of this invocation are asked for in the Name and authority of The One True Living God of ALL Compassion, Love, Light and Creation, I AM, And His Holy Son, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

As it is Said, now it is done and is Sealed Now and For ALL Time! Tetelestai (it is finished - completed!)