Who We Are

The Blessed For Service team alongside Gene Decode are comprised of people that are volunteers and free thinking individuals that are encouraged to research and discern the truth for ourselves. We are from various walks of life and professions, originating from different geographic locations in service to humanity and the One True Living God of all Compassion, Love, Light and Creation.

Envisioning and weaving together God’s highest timeline and future for humanity. We work in engaging, informing, educating, and inspiring people as they learn about the truth. We are actively pioneering research and the pursuit of God’s truth that pushes the boundaries of current human knowledge.

We celebrate diverse cultures and individual uniqueness and create opportunities for sharing and community. We support every individual in their awakening and challenging life’s journey, gaining knowledge and learning about the truth of the world.

Our credo is to be “always by your side”.


Blessed For Service Vision Statement

Blessed For Service envisions a world where humanity thrives, truth prevails, evil is eliminated, and people live FREE in service to the one true living God of all Creation and all life everywhere.

Blessed For Service Mission Statement

Blessed For Service shares TRUTH through developing and providing LIFE CHANGING resources. We raise awareness by giving ANSWERS of HOPE and INSPIRATION that heal the mind, body, soul & spirit lifting humanity to their highest potential.

Blessed For Service Values

  • Service: Serve God & all life everywhere
  • Truth: The One True God’s truth, the source of all life
  • Integrity: Honesty, consistent uprightness in every aspect of life, be in full alignment with your surroundings
  • Community/Family: Home surrounded by love and caring (Ohana)
  • Healing: Regain full capacity physically, spiritually and in every way
  • Respect: Holding others in high regard and appreciation with kindness
  • Empathy: Listen first and be sensitive to others’ feelings, thoughts and experience
  • Courage: Do hard things when others won’t
  • Determination: Stay Strong - Don’t ever, ever, EVER give up

Who is Gene Decode?

Co Sensei Gene is a 20+ year veteran of the U.S. Navy Submarine Fleet. He is a 40+ year Martial Arts Instructor (Sensei) as well as a lifelong student and practitioner of Naturopathic Medicine. He has dedicated most of his life to the investigation and research of information pertaining to all things spiritual, health (physical, mental, and emotional), social, political, and metaphysical. He was born with skilled remote viewing and psychic abilities that have steered his life.

In August of 1990, Gene had an epiphany in which he suddenly realized the existence and massive influence of the Satanic Deep State cabal. Gene immediately began massive research to disprove this, however everything he found only made it more obvious. Gene then enlisted several of his martial arts students to disprove his account. Not only could they NOT disprove what he learned, they confirmed it through credible sources.

In a Death Experience in August of 1992 (he died for 30 minutes) he met God and after taking a Holy Covenant God allowed him to return to be of service to humanity, the Earth, and God's creation. Throughout Gene's life, he has had many events that have changed his life and its course. Looking back Gene now sees this as the hand of God steering his life.

This series of events led Gene to embark on a continuing path of discovery in his lifelong quest to attain the absolute truth in all things through decoding the lies we've all been conditioned to believe.Through the course of many interviews and decodes shared with the world, Gene Co Sensei was given the name "Gene Decode.".

Gene’s Deep Dive content can now be found on the Gene Decode Deep Dives website.